Natalia Friske was found with the nephew

Наталья Фриске встретилась с племянником The young woman gave the relatives a walk in Moscow. Natalia Friske said that these days takes dear to her heart guests. She is incredibly happy and very inspired by communication with native people.
Наталья Фриске встретилась с племянником

The younger sister of the late singer Zhanna Friske Natalia these days takes guests. At the may holidays came to her nephews. Apparently, Natalia is incredibly happy to have this meeting.

The welcoming hostess gave the relatives a walk in the centre of Moscow, and then shared pictures taken during prom with subscribers of his microblog. All photos Natalia Friske and her guests look very happy. In the capital, finally had good weather and a great excuse to arrange a tour of its most iconic locations. Friendly company had a great time. On Sunday, Natalia Friske plans to continue Hiking with his family in Moscow.

Наталья Фриске встретилась с племянником“Favorite nephews came to live with my aunt commented pictures Natalia Friske. Is one even with my grandnephew. Call me Granny. Tomorrow and a second nephew in the pictures will be. Today he’s just at school.”

In the comments to the post Natalia Friske told subscribers that she had a total of nine Grand-nephews. Those, in turn, admired such a large number of relatives of a young woman. And with that said as well – a big and friendly family, like Natalia Friske, and all find time to communicate with each other.

“Cool, when the family is big and friendly”, “good Luck to you,’ buela, the most beautiful and young! Congratulations that you have such wonderful nephews and grandchildren! You’re a good “grandmother”, – wrote Natalia Friske her followers.

Alas, to the great sorrow of a young woman, she’s already almost two years have not seen my dearest and most beloved of his nephew, the little son of his dearly departed sister Jeanne of Plato.

My aunt, grandfather and grandmother of the boy I dream now only one thing – to be able to see each other regularly with the baby. Younger sister Zhanna Friske Natalia often looks at pictures with his nephew and the suffering that can’t just come and hug the boy. On the eve of the birthday of Plato, she posted a touching photo collage of a series of pictures with the baby. “My little Prince, terribly,” wrote a woman in the microblog. Family Friske Plato congratulated happy birthday

Recall that last year, the Friske family went to court to win the right to meet with Plato. Following the hearing, they were allowed to see the child, but the boy’s father Dmitry Shepelev does not get in touch with the family of the mother of Plato.