Natalia Friske was able to congratulate the son of Joan only on the Internet

Наталья Фриске смогла поздравить сына Жанны только в Интернете
The family of the singer seen a little of Plato already 35 weeks.

Natalia Friske Plato

Photo: Instagram

The first thing I did this morning Natalia Friske — congratulated the favorite nephew of Plato for his birthday. Honestly the only way to do this my sister Jeanne Friske — write warm words and wishes to the boy on social networks, because the family of the singer have not seen Plato is already more than six months!

Today the Platosha turns three years old, and Natalia has published in his personal blog the pictures that were taken at the time of their last meeting. These photos she’s already showed his fans in the Network 35 weeks ago…

my boy, I congratulate you happy birthday! — posted by Natasha. — I like this
clever, I love you so much! Thank you, SIS, for
such a beautiful baby!!! Plitochka, grow up healthy, smart
boy! Obey your elders, study well, let them surround you
only the good people. Let you every day the sun is shining! I wish you
a lot of friends, and remember, your nanny loves you more than life!!!”

In the comments under the collage of photos Plato fans and friends Natasha and Jeanne immediately began to congratulate the boy and wish him all the best. Some began to wonder, do Shepelev (called, true, abusive words) will not give the family at least on the day of birth to see Platosha. But Natalia asked this photo does not elevate these sad topics. And admitted that weeps from what can see favorite nephew.

Recall, very soon, in June, it will be a year since the death of Jeanne Friske,
and her family still can’t agree on how they will be
to communicate with her son Plato. Now the boy lives with his father — Dmitry Shepelev,
which, according to the father of Joan of Vladimir Kopylov, gives the most
close relatives of Jeanne to see Plato. This week the boy
it will be three years, it was his first birthday without mom. Grandma
grandpa desperately want this day to be with his grandson. Recently a lawyer
star of the family, Alexander Karabanov made a statement: “the Family is very
wants to congratulate Plato a happy birthday. Now we are negotiating with
Shepelev on a reasonable truce, and creating a festive atmosphere for
of the child”.

For its part, Dmitry Shepelev
told reporters that he is open to negotiations for the sake of Plato, but…
no such proposals on the joint holding of the event it has not
received! The television presenter also suggested that this is another public
manipulation by his opponents. Until the day, only 3
day. Will the grandparents to agree with his father about his grandson
the meeting is unknown.

In addition, according to the same Vladimir
Kopylov, Shepelev desperately doesn’t want to let the son to see my family
Friske. And maybe even took him abroad.

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