Natalia Friske touching congratulated nephew

Наталья Фриске трогательно поздравила племянника Son of Janna Friske Plato was three years old. Natalia wrote on his page on “Instagrame” warm words addressed to the beloved nephew. Sister singer admitted that he loves the baby more than life itself.

      Наталья Фриске трогательно поздравила племянника

      Today the family of Jeanne Friske great holiday. The only heir of the deceased singer Plato was three years old. Parents star and her sister Natalie have been preparing for this day and really wanted to see the baby, hug and kiss him personally. It is unknown, are there their desire. However, Natalia rushed to congratulate the Platosha happy birthday on his page in Instagram.

      “Dear boy, I congratulate you happy birthday! You have me so clever, I love you so much. Thank you, SIS, for such a beautiful baby! Plitochka, to grow healthy, clever boy! Obey your elders, study well, let you be surrounded only by good people. Let you every day the sun is shining, I wish you a lot of friends and remember, your nanny loves you more than life!” – Natalia wrote in the microblog.

      Together with congratulations Friske has published a touching photo with Plato. In the pictures the son of Joan is still quite small, however, clearly shows that aunt does not mind it denotes. “Burst into tears. But your words nephew touched my heart. Platochek be happy and healthy. We love you very much”, “happy birthday Plato! Grow kind and sensitive like mom, happy and beautiful. Don’t forget a Tattoo, a grandfather and a grandmother. They are very good and loving you,” “We, fans of Joan, congratulations Platosha with all my heart, him health, and love! Let it grow same cheerful and talented, as Janochka! All the best” – commented on the photo Natalia subscribers.

      Let’s remind, Natalia at the time, was the first who showed little of Plato. When sister Jeanne Friske has published the first pictures of the baby, she has caused her fans a real stir. Followers of Natalia noted that the boy is strikingly like my mother. In addition, the aunt of the boy told many times that character is in fact – the same cheerful, smiling and active.

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