Наталья Фриске рассказала о пополнении в семье The light appeared just three newborns. In recognition of sister Jeanne Friske Natalia, the birth was very difficult. Pet star family Jack Russell Jess has had her litter. Natasha and her mother Olga Vladimirovna Kopylova themselves took birth from a beloved dog.

      In the night of Saturday beloved dog sister Zhanna Friske Natalia Jack Russell Terrier named Jesse brought the offspring. The help of professionals star family resort did not. With all the difficulties associated with the occurrence of the puppies on light, Natalia and her mother Olga Vladimirovna handled yourself like a real vet. Natasha also managed to capture the process on camera of the phone to then tell fans about the first seconds of life newborn babies. “The first boy. Hardly was given to us. An hour or more my baby was giving birth to him”, – said Natalia Friske in the microblog.

      Childbirth, according to her, Jess was very difficult. After watching the torment of the dog, the owners decided that to give birth to her no longer. Besides, was not without tragedy – one of the puppies appeared very weak, and to save him failed.

      “It was four puppies, the third baby was saved, but the last girl didn’t work out. So that left only three puppies. The first time we had such a difficult birth. How hard it is to lose these kids. The third puppy is hard, but still came back to life, but the girl did not want to stay with us. Roared all… no More shipping, I’m sure this will take longer,” wrote Natalya Friske.

      Natasha’s fans immediately began to congratulate her on her completion, and sympathize with at the same time, expressing their admiration for her courage and talent of the vet.

      By the way, judging by the photo in the microblog Natalia Friske, childbirth was attended by a favorite dog Zhanna Friske, Labrador Ulius, or ULKA, the name of the dog in the family. Recall that after the death of the singer, her pet, it was also discovered serious disease. Dog died of Zhanna Friske

      “ULKA, beloved Labrador sisters, upset. The baby longing for mother Jeanne, and then began to feel ill. The vet said that the dog cancer lymph sarcoma. Now we all means try to extend the dog’s life,” said Natalya Friske.

      True Ulius underwent several chemotherapy treatments. The star family does everything to ensure that the dog lived. Treatment is still ongoing. And apparently, Labrador feels much better now than a year ago when he was diagnosed.

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