Наталья Фриске рассказала о претензиях Дмитрия Шепелева
Enmity loved ones of Joan, it seems, will never end.

Photo: Instagram

It will soon be three years since the world left the favorite of millions of people, the singer Zhanna Friske. But her family still can’t agree on how to divide its assets and debts. Recently Dmitry Shepelev went to the police station in the West Degunino. The TV host filed a statement in which he wrote that unidentified attackers try to sell the car, once owned by his late wife Jeanne Friske. The legitimate heir of the machine are he shared with the late singer’s son — five-year-old Plato.

All this time the car was Jeanne’s father, Vladimir Kopylov. He said that he bought this car for daughter on the birth of a son, and now wants to change to a newer one.

Fans who are completely confused about what belongs to whom, asked a direct question about the situation with the car, Natalia Friske, the late sister of Joan.

“Yes, it’s true, Shepelev claims Iannino the car — she said live your personal blog. He even claims at all, that he is not lazy. And all also — for three years — telling us of Plato. And a lot of lying. Here he is a bad person, a radish. A freak and rare”.

By the way, many followers of this blog agreed with Natalia. They said that in the past was on the side Shepeleva, but he showed himself not at its best, when it became a leading scandalous show “really” on the First channel. “He showed his true face!” — certain people.