Наталья Фриске: «Вопрос о пропавших миллионах на лечение Жанны снят» Sister of the singer claims that the family gave the police all the documents and receipts for the money spent. Natalia Friske shared with “StarHit” the news that the police have no claims to the relatives of the departed singer.

      Наталья Фриске: «Вопрос о пропавших миллионах на лечение Жанны снят»

      It seems that the family of Jeanne Friske comes the long-awaited peace of mind. Over the past months, the relatives of the deceased from brain cancer, the singer had to face a lot of unpleasant moments. After burying his daughter, Jeanne’s parents learned that their suspect in the theft of millions, who gathered the whole country through “Respond” to treatment the stars.

      In turn, the charity appealed to the Investigation Committee with a request to initiate a criminal case on the fact of theft of funds from the account of Jeanne Friske. The police have inspected this case and found no crime.

      “We were in the police, provided all documents, statements – on what to spend money. In addition, we have the power of attorney Zhanna Friske signed mom to manage her accounts. We accounted for a sum even greater than that which has previously been discussed. The police have no claim to us. Question about 21 million he was looking for “Rusfond”, is cleared. The money spent on treatment – all amounts are in checks,” said “StarHit” Natalia Friske.

      We will remind, not so long ago, Vladimir Borisovich said that amounted to a claim against the “Rusfond”. He appealed to the charitable organization in order to report on movement of funds. However, the company refused to voluntarily provide documents. Vladimir Borisovich was very insulting, when the allegations of the waste of money began to spread on the mother of the artist.

      Vladimir Friske sues “Rusfond”

      “Now and accuse me, – has shared with “StarHit” Olga Vladimirovna. – And then who? Dogs?”

      However, the Friske family does not negate the fact that they disposed of part of the amount for which can provide a detailed report.

      “The card with money from the “Rusfond” we had only a month and a half, and for all waste produced at this time, we will report, – said Vladimir Friske “StarHit”. – Anything extra we didn’t do it! And all the rest of the money disposed of Dima. He will have to provide receipts for treatment Janna: 170 thousand euros for the hospital in Germany, 104 thousand dollars for new York, 180 thousand dollars for Los Angeles”.

      According to the media, Dmitry Shepelev also provided police checks for those amounts that were paid with the card Zhanna Friske it.

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