Наталья Фриске решила проблему с авто после происшествия Woman’s car was seriously damaged – it has fallen tree. Natalia Friske was concerned that just the other day she ended the period of validity of the insurance policy. However, the situation was resolved in favor of women.

      Because of the strong wind, which today is felt all the inhabitants of Moscow, suffered sister Zhanna Friske Natalia. She was brought to the veterinary clinic for chemotherapy Labrador of Ulius. Parked car on the street, the woman went with the dog to the doctor, and when he returned, he discovered that her vehicle seriously damaged. Moreover, all the other cars were left untouched. About your problem Natalia said in microblogging.

      “That’s just great day,” sarcastically wrote Friske and published a photo of his car that the tree fell.

      The front of the car was badly damaged and the side mirror fell off completely. Unpleasant aftertaste and added that just two days ago, Natalia was over the insurance coverage and the new policy, the woman is to not have time. A thorny problem for Scientists was the question of who will cover the cost of repairs to her property. The woman noticed that the other cars that were near the place where the tree fell, remained intact.

      “My insurance expired and the insurance, which could cover the cost of repair, I will not be issued. The area was private, the street came the owner, he offered to pay for the repair. We were able to negotiate peacefully, so I’m glad that everything ended happily,” said the “StarHit” Natalia.

      The fans were very excited about what has happened to sister Jeanne Friske. Fans rushed to reassure upset Natalia. They were more interested in, did not hurt anyone from falling of a tree on the road.

      “Natasha, no one in the car was not? How are you? Are you okay?”, “Well, do not worry! Indeed, so was! Perhaps one saved from another”, “a Car is just a piece of iron, the main thing is that everything is alive,” wrote concerned subscribers Friske.

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