Natalia Friske showed the family idyll

Наталья Фриске показала семейную идиллию
The ex-soloist of group “Brilliant” resting with her husband in Sri Lanka.

Photo: Instagram

Natalia Friske and her husband Sergey Vshivkov got married almost five years ago, and the wedding was familiar, and met five more. But after 10 years of marriage, young people demonstrate that their feelings have not changed over this long time.

Now the couple resting on Sri Lanka. It’s not a romantic journey with them, went on vacation, their common friends, but that’s not stopping Natasha and Sergei surrender to the power of their emotions.

To rest Friske was prepared in advance. She really began to bring the figure in order before summer: watched food, had a massage, rubbed into the skin miracle of the oil. The result didn’t disappoint her. Subscribers also noticed that Natasha managed to lose weight. And with her favourite hair style — African braids, she looks much younger than his years.

Despite the fact that Natasha herself once sang in a famous band, and her name in recent years has been on the covers of Newspapers, the girl leads a very normal life. In her youth, she managed to recover with stardom. They say that it got her kicked out of “Brilliant”, but over time she realized that show business is not her. Natasha married for love for Lieutenant MOE. Now she works in a beauty salon in the suburbs, is engaged in the architecture of the eyebrows and eyelash. She lives at home several dogs. Recently, by the way, was born the “next batch” of puppies, the distribution of which Natasha is herself. In her life there are only two grief — the loss of sisters, Zhanna Friske, and the fact that she is not able to communicate with the nephew, who brings the boy’s father, Dmitry Shepelev. Plato for 5 years, three of which Friske family of the boy.