Natalia Friske is suffering from separation with Plato

Наталья Фриске страдает от разлуки с Платоном Woman not seen the boy. On the eve of the birthday of the son of Zhanna Friske and Dmitry Shepelev, the sister of the actress remembered the time when he could at any time come to the baby. Natalie is very bored and dreams of meeting Plato.

      After the death of singer Jeanne Friske Plato son left to live with his father, TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev. Over one and a half years, relatives of the actress are unable to agree with her civil husband. Grandma, grandpa and aunt only one dream – to be able to see each other regularly with the baby. Younger sister Zhanna Friske Natalia often looks at pictures with his nephew and the suffering that can’t just come and hug the boy. On the eve of the birthday of Plato, she posted a touching photo collage of a series of pictures with the baby.

      “My little Prince terribly. Soon enough, you’re four years old, so time flies,” wrote the woman in the microblog.

      Fans of the Series who have been watching the situation in the star family, I was deeply moved from such nice pictures. “You never saw him? Do Shepelev and you see each other?”, “What a nice boy, what a pity that he was denied to be with the family of his mother. What a pity that his father doesn’t understand when he grows up, he will not forgive him. We are all mortals, we have one life and it is impossible for pride to deprive a small child of love. To find the time to write a book was to find the strength and faith to improve relations with relatives of their baby, for him, for Jeanne had not found”, “the same sun and positive, like his mummy” – expressed his opinion the subscribers.

      Last year, the Friske family went to court to defend their right to see the child. Hearing is often tolerated, however, in October 2016, the business moved from a dead point.

      “Yes, the court partially satisfied our requirements and allowed us to see Plato, – told then Natalia Friske “StarHit”. – Will this sense, it is hard to say. Dima not communicate”.

      However, since the Friske family never saw Plato. However, Dmitry Shepelev from time to time exhibited pictures with my son. He talks about what is happening in the baby’s life, his interests and Hobbies. The presenter believes the heir to the main man in his life. Son of Janna Friske became interested in photography

      “Well, when near you, kid, you’re by and large with him one-on-one, you have no excuse to pour yourself that extra glass of wine, you have no right to cry, you have no right to depression, you can’t go anywhere. Allow yourself to relax, to give up. To travel… Because you have a child. Because you’re the father. And you can’t do anything that dropped in the eyes of this child your authority. So, of course, saved me Plato,” said the man in the program “Let them talk”.