Наталью Фриске бесит сравнение со знаменитой сестрой A few months ago, the woman recorded the song, after the composition of the public and journalists have started to compare her with Joan. Despite the publicity in the press, the younger sister of a celebrity Natalia Friske negatively related to the domestic show business and wants to build a pop career.
Наталью Фриске бесит сравнение со знаменитой сестрой

Earlier this year Natalia Friske surprise admirers of the family Friske joint project with the former soloist of group “Turbomoda” Alexander Popov. The sister of the famous singer presented duet with the artist. The song “Two planets” has caused a resonance in the press.

Recall that a few years ago, Natalia has tried to build a singing career, she followed in the footsteps of Jeanne, also speaking in the group “Brilliant”. Soon, however, left the band, realizing that it’s not her. Star sister supported younger cousin.

Natalia admitted that after recording the song “Two planets” on it was a barrage of negative statements. Many compare her creativity with a career of her older sister.

“All the time they will say that Jeanne was better and you did nothing. I find it boring already since childhood! I have always loved my sister, I love and will love. She will always be my ideal in everything, but to imitate her, trying to be like Joan I’m not going. I do not blame that we have any facial features are identical. Or do I go to shave my head to everything around me ceased to talk about it?! Although I’m sure that, even if it did, to compare us with Jeanne still to be!” – said Natalia.
Наталью Фриске бесит сравнение со знаменитой сестрой

Natalya noted that she is absolutely not attracted to show business. In her opinion, serious work there is to find. “In this garbage I don’t even think to come back! The song “Two planets” was just an experiment – for the soul. And I don’t like it, what form it is released, the material was very raw. I have the feeling that this song was recorded somewhere in the stairwell. We always wanted to redo it, but not worked,” – said the younger Friske.

Also the sister of a celebrity revealed that she still cannot come to terms with Dmitry Shepelev. According to Natalia, even Jeanne questioned the professionalism of the civil husband. Friske Jr. spoke about the program “really”, which leads Dmitry.

“Shepelev in this program does not do anything. In the picture he just goes and stands and everything is done for them by experts. To be honest, I do not understand the meaning of his presence in this project. Dima and Zhanna kept saying that in the profession he had still much to learn. And he envied her constantly,” – said Natalia in an interview with “Interlocutor”.