Natalia Friske dreams of happiness have returned to my parents ‘ house

Наталья Фриске мечтает, чтобы счастье вернулось в дом родителей A young woman tries to do everything to make her family suffer less. Fans are calling Natalia Friske as soon as possible to give grandchildren to my mother and father. “Come on, Natasha, work in this direction”, – asked the sister of the late singer Jeanne Friske subscribers.

Almost two years have passed since the day she left the life of singer Zhanna Friske. The younger sister of vocalist Natalia Friske all this time trying to be with their bereaved parents. Mother Zhanna Friske found happiness in birthday

The young woman was surrounded by their love and care to little to ease the unbearable pain of the loss, experiencing mother and father who lost his beloved daughter and the opportunity to see the only grandson.

Natalia Friske was published in the microblog a picture in which her parents tenderly kiss each other. Sister of the late singer admitted that he tries to do everything in order to often see on the faces of moms and dads smile.

“My favorite, how I want you to smile, I want to patch up that huge hole in your heart! I will do everything for this. Love you madly. Except you I have nobody! Live, please, for a long time,” wrote under the touching the Olga Vladimirovna and Vladimir Borisovich Friske Natalia.

Fans of the young woman with warmth responded to her touching post. They wish happiness to the parents and Natalia give advice on how to make them were often happy and smiling.

“What went through the parents, losing a daughter: smart and beautiful, God only knows. Forbid, Lord, no. Natasha, give her parents grandchildren, and happiness will return to him!”, “Such a sweet and tender photo. They now, probably, by and large, one happiness is Plato and the younger, now the only daughter,” “Too, wish your parents happiness, give them lots of grandchildren, and the pain in my heart subsides a bit. Come on, Natasha, work in this direction! Good luck!”, “Your parents want grandchildren!” – are members of Natalya Friske.

Alas, to the great grief of the parents of Jeanne Friske, they have almost two years with a small son of his prematurely deceased daughter. My aunt, grandfather and grandmother of the boy I dream now only one thing – to have regular opportunities to meet with Plato. Recall that last year, the Friske family went to court to win the right to meet with Plato. Following the hearing, they were allowed to see the child, but the boy’s father Dmitry Shepelev does not get in touch with the family of the mother of Plato.