Наталья Фриске приняла роды и поделилась фотоотчетом

His dog breeds Jack Russell Terrier native Zhanna Friske believe a family member, because of how the dog will be labor, experiencing all.

Last weekend, the dog give birth and become a mother of three puppies.

Birth the dog was taken by none other than the younger sister of performer Natalia Friske. Thus, at the end of the process, Natalia has told about how it went, adding photos, along the way demonstrating newborn puppies fans.

“Had 4 puppies, 3 rd baby was saved, but the last girl did not work…((( so, only 3 puppy’s… the First time we had such a difficult birth..(( God, how hard it is to lose these kids((( 3rd baby with some difficulty, but still came back to life, but the girl did not want to stay with us…roared all… no More shipping, I’m sure this will take longer”, — wrote Natalia.

Наталья Фриске приняла роды и поделилась фотоотчетом
Наталья Фриске приняла роды и поделилась фотоотчетом

By the way, even before birth, Natalia said that the puppies she intends to sell and even opened pre-orders for the offspring of a pet. Everyone Natalia reported cost: some of the subscribers hastened to disclose this information. As it became known, the offspring of your beloved pet Natalia Friske asked for 25 thousand rubles.

Recall that while the Friske family busy household, husband of their beloved Jeanne Dmitry Shepelev preparing to publish a book of memories about the late singer.

The book is called “Zhanna Friske” will be part of a series “legends of pop” publishing house “Eksmo”. In the work detailed and reliable you will learn about what Shepelev and Friske met, about the birth and first steps of their son Plato, and other facts of family biography. Be disclosed and the theme of illness, the singer.

According to a showman initially book about Joan thought so. On a sheet of paper Dmitry just let it go, which it was difficult for him to cope immediately after the death of his beloved, and during the scandal with her family.

Apparently, the “manuscript” was so good that Shepelev felt wrong to hide it from the others.


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