Наталья Фриске о Шепелеве: «Он претендует на все» Sister of the singer outraged by the actions of the presenter. Natalia Friske said the conflict, which broke out due to the car’s on-sale Jeanne. Her father wanted a car that gave her after the birth of a grandson.

Recently, it was reported that the parents of Jeanne Friske, who passed away three years ago, intend to sell her car. Dmitry Shepelev has prevented this. As it turned out, he saw an ad on one of the specialized sites, and therefore hastened to contact the police to prevent this. In his opinion, the car part vested in his son to Plato, but because he acts in the best interests of the child.

Relatives still are unable to peacefully resolve a conflict situation. Sister Jeanne Natalia told live his microblog about the incident after the issue of groupies.

“Yes, it’s true, Shepelev claims Zannino car. He even claims to all that he is not only lazy. And everything is also already three years hiding of the child. And a lot of lying. And continues to be a bad person, that is, radishes,” said Friske.

Apparently, she just repeated the comment that was left by one of the followers related to Shepelevo: “Here is a rare freak”.

Jeanne’s father Vladimir Borisovich intended to sell the Range Rover 2013, which he called only himself. As it turned out, the car he gave his daughter after the birth of the grandson of Plato. However, in 2014 the car was stolen in Latvia, but after a week the police managed to track down the property of the singer. Then talked about the fact that the owner of the documents is Jeanne, and the power of attorney was listed as her common-law husband Dmitry Shepelev.

However, the car isn’t the only stumbling block between relatives. Vladimir Ivanov and Olga refused his share in the mansion, which was owned by their daughter along with the civil spouse. They did this in order that Dmitry gave them the opportunity to see her grandson. Despite the court ruling that the relatives have the right to communicate with the minor child, Shepelev finds reasons and excuses to negate all the meetings. The son of Zhanna Friske believes that his grandmother is dead

In December the grandmother was in shock from the words of the baby. “The first thing he said to me, “I was told that my grandmother Olga died:”… He went to the meeting with the words: “why do you have daddy take the house and money?” To which I replied: “the House is yours, Plato. And the money is yours. And no you did not take them,” recalled Olga.