Natalia Bochkareva took a mystical film

Наталья Бочкарева сняла мистический фильм

The actress of the TV series “Happy together” made his debut as a Director.

In the cinema club “Wick” Natalia showed the audience the multiple facets of his talent. The actress showed her thesis film “Free day”, where she acted as Director and producer. Against all expectations, this is not a Comedy, a mystery drama with philosophical overtones, telling about what the person is worth paying attention to in the earth life to the afterlife in the world not to regret about wasted days. In the work Botchkareva played Valery Eremenko, Vladislav Shklyaev and Olga Redko. The fledgling Director has admitted before the show that freaked out.

“I am very nervous, – said in his speech, Natalia. — Understand that this film is not going smoothly, yet the first work as a Director. So ready to criticise, even want it.”

However, none of the guests of the evening, criticize after watching Bochkareva did not, her opposite, praise. By the way, this short film at the end of may will be shown as part of the Cannes festival outside the competition program.

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In addition to movie premieres, the audience, which included Kirill Andreev, Zhanna Epple, Evelina Bledans and Julia Savicheva, saw the work Bochkareva-artist. Two dozen paintings were exhibited in the foyer of the cinema. This is only a small part of the collection of Natalia. Many of them have already donated or sold and are in private collections.

“My paintings are dreams, experiences, – says Natalia. Is my diary. I now work as an impressionist, moved feelings and emotions on canvas. Usually jump up at night and begin to paint. I can’t say that it’s a job. But this is not a vacation. Pictures check on loved ones. Show them the work and ask: “What do you see?” Everyone has their own opinion. And it is often radically different from mine. But I’m curious to know their vision. And it’s very important to appreciate me”.

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Most of the works Natalia gives to friends.

“One, Saratov landscape, I presented Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov, his teacher, continues Bochkareva. Landscape he loved”.

After the presentation in the “Wick” the exhibition will move to CHA.

The image of a monkey, which Natalie had painted specially for the magazine “Antenna” and the website Woman’s Day on the eve of 2016, graced the cover of the album of her creations. Bochkarev said that it is with this picture began a cycle of works about animal world. It’s nice that we inspire.

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