Natalia Bochkareva got in an accident because of contractions

Наталья Бочкарева попала в ДТП из-за родовых схваток
The actress will now have to repair the car.

Photo: Instagram

Absolutely incredible, worthy of a screenplay story yesterday with Natalia Bochkareva. The actress was involved in a serious accident due to… contractions! Now the star will have to repair your car, though not at his own expense, but still pleasant enough. Oddly enough, Natalia on the cause of the accident is not in the claim.

“I’m still in shock — said Bochkarev. — It was seemingly one of the most common work evenings. But I was terribly late to the theater since before the beginning of the play, where play remained for about 20 minutes. And suddenly, out of nowhere, practically in the Parking lot, my car crashing the other flies!!! Terrified I got out of the car, approached the culprit and just wanted to tear it to shreds! But in just a moment my expression changed dramatically, when the driver and, as it turned out, daddy part-time, with crazy eyes came over to me and began to gesticulate with the words: “I’m Sorry, I didn’t want, I have an emergency — the wife in the car in labor, we are in a hurry and really guilty!” Of course, in this situation it was pointless to talk about what an asshole he is, sorry. I entered the position of this family. Everything was solved peacefully with the help of our insurance companies and we shook hands, wished us a good night and said goodbye. My car, of course, I’m sorry, but unless a pile of metal can compare to the birth of a new life?”

Bochkareva and the mother. Her older two beautiful children — 11-year-old Ivan and 10-year-old Maria. With their father, unfortunately, the marriage, the actress did not work out, they divorced almost 4 years ago.

Bochkareva does not like to show their children, and if he does, it is only with their consent. Recently Natalie and Mary appeared together at a children’s event “Bachelorette party TEENS Awards 2018” together with Masha. “This evening my Masuli glittered eyes! — says the artist. — Yes, she didn’t file the form because I know my daughter is one of the most modest girls among modern teenagers, whose head 20 clubs, music, languages, sport and study. But, nevertheless… this evening Mashulya not even afraid to go out with me on stage and handing one of the nominations of the event. Overall, had a great time on this secular slumber party!”