Наталья Бочкарева объяснила, почему скрывала дочь от публики
The actress spoke about the reasons rarely shows his children.

Наталья Бочкарева объяснила, почему скрывала дочь от публики

Natalia Bochkareva

Photo: Instagram

Daughter Natalia Botchkareva, Maria

Photo: Instagram

The star of the show “Happy together” Natalia Bochkareva explained why rarely shows his children — eleven-year-old Ivan and
a decade of Mary — to the public. About the reasons why she does not consider it necessary to do
this, the actress wrote in a personal microblogging.

“You know, I’m one of those public
people in the modern media, which are almost never withdrawn
their children to social events and not trying to literally from the cradle to show
still not understand life and his true calling child — shared the star. — When I am invited to come with
children, I always ask their opinion, which, as a rule, is

Recently Natalia has made an exception to this rule coming on
children’s event “Bachelorette party TEENS Awards 2018″ together with Masha. ”
this evening my Masuli glittered eyes! — says the artist. — Yeah, she’s not
filed a look, because I know my daughter is one of the most modest girls
among modern teenagers, whose head 20 clubs, music, languages
sport and study. But, nevertheless… this evening Mashulya not even afraid to go out
with me on stage and handing one of the nominations of the event. In
overall, had a great time on this secular slumber party!”