Natalia Bochkareva decided on a candid photo shoot

Наталья Бочкарева решилась на откровенную фотосессию

  • Наталья Бочкарева решилась на откровенную фотосессию

    Natalia Bochkareva

  • Наталья Бочкарева решилась на откровенную фотосессию

    The actress and the Director admitted that there was a bold photo shoot

  • Наталья Бочкарева решилась на откровенную фотосессию

    The star was always interested in cars

  • Natalia Bochkareva in the image of the mechanic

Behind Natalia Bochkareva driving experience more than 15 years. 36-year-old actress from a young age adored, powerful machine. So Natalia decided to participate in a photo shoot, where to stand in the guise of a female mechanic.

“I wanted to try the brutal way stylish women – says “StarHit” Bochkarev. I never felt like a Princess. Even when I was little, inside me matured woman. At the photo shoot we tried to create an image of unfettered mechanics. But at the same time, to present femininity and beauty! Everything to do with powerful cars are always admired and been attracted to, so I’ve never had female “malinoski” the type “bug” or young frog”.

On the roads of the capital Natalia used to trust only myself. To change engine oil or check the carb for her elementary task. And get dirty at a photo shoot in the oil – only a pleasure.

“I know the auto unit – continues Natalia. Always drove the car is not automatic, and mechanics. Of course, a lot of knowledge is already forgotten due to the innovation of machinery. But nevertheless, the battery have tried, oil, Theo , filters… all this I understand. During the shooting we even painted from an aerosol machine. As for the risk of dirty fuel oil, it even has some romance.”

According to star, liberated image of the mechanic liked and her choice of Alexander Kononenko.

“Sasha supports me in all undertakings, – admitted the actress. – He is creative person and always for new image! Ahead of me a more relaxed photo shoot! Now I’m active in sports. I have an idea to shoot a image of Lara Croft with weapons . But I do not want just to pick up the guns, and to be a female shooter.”