Наталия Белохвостикова заботится о спасенном ею коне
The actress admits that now comes to him even more than before.

Наталия Белохвостикова заботится о спасенном ею коне

Natalia Belokhvostikova during the filming of “the year of the Horse – the constellation Scorpius”

Photo: TASS

Natalia Belokhvostikova, whenever possible, in a hurry to Moscow racetrack on
Running where in the stables waiting for her favorite of the whole family, snow —white handsome
horse Kirill. Together with the actress to visit him often come and husband
directed by Vladimir Naumovich Naumov, and daughter, Natasha and son Kirill, who
under 13 years of age. “The owner of the stables Vladimir Panchenko meets us
with the words: “Natasha, it was morning, not himself, waiting for you, feels
today you come”, — says Natalia 7days.ru. And
us only envy from your stall as you hear the call of the cry,
he welcomed us, saying that my came! And every time I am amazed
how he loves us, believes in us and rejoices our appearance, and happy
I got it close to the creature.”

In 2004 Natalia Belokhvostikova starred in the film of his daughter, Director Natalia Naumova “year of the Horse — the constellation Scorpius”. In the story, the filmmakers needed “a horse with human eyes.” Having traveled about a hundred stables, Naumova found horse Kirill. “I always was terrified of horses even closer to him could not. As Kirill on the first day when we were shooting a difficult scene in the circus, suddenly began licking me, ” recalls Natalia. — Here, I think, what a soft, kind and gentle creature… And I have imbued him with a love that will not pass never. By the end of it he is jealous of Ivars Kalniņš. Our characters had to shout to each other from afar. With one hand I waved to the Ivar, the other holding Him up, and suddenly this little piggy took me with his teeth by the shoulder and threw themselves under the hooves. I have sparks from eyes fell down, although the pain I felt because I didn’t realize who I am and what are. I was rushed the whole group: “an Ambulance? No? Can you stand up? Yes? And to play? And we have 10 hours filmed happy ending, because Ivar was time to leave. Then, of course, I fell ill, and when recovered, immediately asked: “Where is he?”.

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  • Наталия Белохвостикова заботится о спасенном ею коне
    Vladimir Naumov

  • Наталия Белохвостикова заботится о спасенном ею коне
    Natalia Belokhvostikova


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