Natalia Assault was accused of sexual harassment

Наталью Штурм обвинили в сексуальных домогательствах The singer was in a sticky situation. The former lover of Natalia Assault has published a video with erotic content, which she him sent. Because of this video, the man collapsed relationship with the second half.
Наталью Штурм обвинили в сексуальных домогательствах

Fans of Natalia Shturm has long been used to her excessive frankness. The star often posts Nude photos, and also pleases fans with details of his personal life. However, even the artist could not imagine that her home video will become public.

As it turned out, the Storm sent him to his former lover Dmitri. However, the video came across a new girl men, and it immediately turned into a scandal.

In the end, Dmitry came to the program “the Stars aligned” to accuse Natalia of sexual harassment and to get her to stop attacking him with erotic shots.

“We dated for five months, and frankly, I’m tired. I had a feeling that I was used for sexual purposes. Then I met Irina and immediately fell in love. We have all well developed, and there is a video from Natalya. Irina saw him, and three weeks is not coming with me,” – said Dmitry.

Male ready to go at all, if only Natalia left him alone. He even intends to sue the singer for sexual harassment. The actress appeared in the Studio, denies such accusations.

According to Sturm, she often shoots video of erotic content and sends them to an old acquaintance. However, the star did not expect that this video will end up online. She was so pissed, he even punched Dimitri in the face.

“You’re just a bastard! Don’t understand how it was possible to do so. If I knew that this video will end up online, I would have her hair done, special effects and put a scar from a caesarean slipped. It would have turned out better. And I just liked the fact that I removed, and therefore sent to the machine,” said the star.

Apparently, Natalia did not bother, that candid video of her shown on television. However, she is convinced that the man was not supposed to betray going on between them public. The lawyer, who was present at the shooting, advised the Assault to file a lawsuit about the violation of honor and dignity.

According to the singer, she has a rather busy personal life, so the need to repay Dmitri no. The girl ex-lover, present in the Studio, Natalia was advised to find a more worthy partner.

One way or another, fans have long been accustomed to frankness Assault. The actress is confident that she has a great figure, why hide it under clothing is not necessary.