Наталья Антонова: «Отец кричал, что я стану женщиной легкого поведения»
The actress said that father was against her decision.

Natalia Antonova

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Now Natalia Antonova popular actress — on her account for 70 films. Moreover, she started a acting dynasty. The actors and her son, and a younger sister, and cousin. As it turned out, all this could not happen if, in her youth, she showed no character.

“My family was probably a little better, not had to overcome the resistance of the parents, — smiles Natalia. Dad was categorically opposed to I did in drama school. He was sure that in the acting world are all the vices. Said, “don’t Even think it!” He even invited his friend, who worked as a waiter in the house of the actor, and he told us which artists are terrible people… the Father shouted: “You’ll be a woman of easy virtue!” And I looked at it through the eyes of Natasha and said, “Dad, you misunderstood me, I want to be an actress!”

Antonov started acting quite early — even when I was in the 4th year of the Shchukin school. In the same year she married the actor Alexander Vershinin, a year later, was born the son Artyom… And then came the hard times.

“My marriage lasted three and a half years, — says Natalya. — I think we met in order to have a beautiful son was born… As my grandma used to say: “Natasha, before you get married with the person you need to meet. You hurried”… the Divorce I was going through hard. Including because marriage married. The first year Artem and lived together. Sometimes, I feed him, there was nothing, and I was ashamed to tell my parents about it. How to admit that not even ten rubles to the metro to the theater to drive? I ran to a neighbor, was… I Remember thinking, “Well, that Artyom today in the garden, for lunch, popoldne and the theater we will have dinner”… Because home is only pasta or a stack of buckwheat. Sometimes it wasn’t even there. But in the theatre the dining room could feed the son, and the record amount of debt in a special notebook, and then salaries to pay. There were different periods of life. Soon there was a frenzied demand and in the theater, and movies — and everything changed”.

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