Natalia Andreichenko writes a tell-all book about ex-husbands. The first passage

Наталья Андрейченко пишет откровенную книгу о бывших мужьях. Первый отрывок The actress is preparing for publication a memoir, in which first tell you about his life. The star of the picture “Mary Poppins, goodbye!” he remembered, as has moved from the abyss to the absolute harmony and sharing the stories of love.

      Наталья Андрейченко пишет откровенную книгу о бывших мужьях. Первый отрывок

      Actress Natalia Andreichenko calls himself a man of the world. The last ten years, the famous Mary Poppins travels the globe – Russia, Mexico, Switzerland, Austria, America: in her movements difficult to follow. Travel she writes a book-an autobiography and will soon gladden her fans.

      “Called her “Lace” – says the “StarHit” Natalia. – Because it describes the meetings, events, conversations, which are woven in openwork ornament of life. This is a story about finding yourself, inner changes, which in me happened, and teachers, granting me new knowledge. A memoir about love, kindness, gratitude, and mysticism that is always there. Heroes are my family. Grandma, mom, husbands, Maxim Dunaevsky and Maximilian Schell, the son Mitya and daughter Nastya, a friend of the sculptor Grigory Pototsky Mexican… “hermit” gave a valuable learning experience. Talk about those who are advised to move to this country, about how I had a house on the shore of the Caribbean sea. Often say: “Life is fair. Be grateful!” I am forever searching, never stop, I will evolve to the last hour!”

      The inspiration for the manuscript Natalia, she said, draws in the Universe.

      Наталья Андрейченко пишет откровенную книгу о бывших мужьях. Первый отрывок“Now at the globe run some dead souls or as I call them, “torso”, – continues Vladimir Andreychenko. And to do the right thing and make the right decisions, the soul of man needs. In my center in the Riviera Maya I lecture, the main of which is called “the Heart of your master and the mind is only a servant.” It’s time to share the knowledge, and the book’s pages you will find answers to many questions, learn the history of my life, which remained behind the scenes. I passed the difficult way from the abyss and out of this abyss of human passions and dependencies, from which, it seems, no way out”.

      The work star is trying to work every day and hopes to finish his memoirs before the end of this year. On the rights of the exclusive Natalia has shared with “StarHit” one of the passages.


      Наталья Андрейченко пишет откровенную книгу о бывших мужьях. Первый отрывок

      “In 1984 I was supposed to play a major role in the film Igor Maslennikov “the Winter cherry”. At the same time I received another offer – wife of Peter the great in the American film “Peter the Great”. You know, our Actresses in Western movies at the time did not call. I wanted to persuade Maslennikova allow multiple shooting. But he said: “I will Choose the Americans, will lose the role from me!” I was in shock. Decided to consult with her husband, Maxim Dunaevsky. It is suggested to choose a “Cherry” and stop fooling fool. I continued to be in doubt, what my friend, actress Theater. Yermolova Natalia Arkhangelsk, said: “are You stupid, or what? “Peter the Great” is a big-budget American movie. There is nothing to think – to shoot from them.” I did just that.

      A great role in “Winter cherry” was lost, but instead found a new love – Maximilian. As a Director of shell in Russia was quite unknown, and as an actor, barely… When I first showed it on the court, I respectfully thought, “Yes, this could quite Russian Tsar…” And I wanted desperately to talk to him, and vocabulary was minimal, the first months was due to the PhraseBook.

      As I remember, September 3, I arrived in Suzdal, one of the filming of “Peter” – very beautiful. Was a Sunny day, the beauty, the yellow trees, horses, a huge field with Peter king… I saw him from afar and thought: “Oh, what an interesting man! You need to meet him, I still play his wife.” Plucked up courage, came to him and said in English: “I am very angry at you. Why banished me to the convent?” It is, of course, did not understand: who is this woman, what is she talking about?.. But the attention I paid. And the phrase that I said in English, was the only one, because this is the text of my role. That’s when I wished I didn’t listen to the film’s Director Larry Schiller and taught English. According to the schedule Max was not present during the filming constantly. But when he came, we all spent the evening together. And we always lay the little Oxford dictionary, which he gave me. Shell I then admitted that I was one of those whom he first saw, was the first Russian, who was always smiling. And he’s so shocked that he was just hypnotized me and I wanted to understand this phenomenon.

      Maximilian was all well established in life. The mass of domestic workers, two secretaries, its own office for the production of films, any woman on earth that he wanted. And no need to have a family, children. So he wanted me to continue the relationship without stamps. But in our country at that time it was impossible.

      May 3, 1985, Maximilian came to the Soviet Union, to congratulate me on my birthday. We were in the room of the hotel “Cosmos” when there was a loud knock at the door. The manageress and some of the policemen said: “in the room is allowed until 23.00! Leave the room!” Shell tried to agree on-good, but they do not want to listen. Then Max said, “then I’ll leave with her!” To which the receptionist snorted: “but for God’s sake!” And we went out. The whole night was wandering around Moscow, terribly cold. May 4 shell flew home. The humiliation was great, and I put a condition: to get married. A trip to the registry office was scheduled for September 1985. But Maximilian appeared only at the end of October and suddenly said: “I’m not ready, I’m a bachelor, afraid of marriage more than anything!” I escorted him to the airport, hugged, kissed, and put on a plane. And from that point stopped pick up the phone, I heard the calls”…