Наталья Андрейченко приняла в дар мандалу души за 6 тысяч евро The precious talisman of the stars for it was created by the artist. The man invited the actress to his creation on Facebook. Now ward is represented on one of the shows in Miami where Natalia Andreichenko came to personally meet with a new friend.
Наталья Андрейченко приняла в дар мандалу души за 6 тысяч евро

The main motto of the famous Mary Poppins: “Life is fair, be grateful for it!” The credo of Natalya Andreychenko should for many years. It helps the actress to not only cope with difficult situations, but also to surround himself with people, like-minded. Not so long ago the actress became friends with an artist from Miami that made her generous gift.

Наталья Андрейченко приняла в дар мандалу души за 6 тысяч евро“Daniel creates a mandala of the soul – says “StarHit” Natalia. Is the talismans which give the owner the energy and limitless possibilities of self-knowledge. Daniel and I became friends on Facebook. Found a message from a stranger in your Inbox: “I made you a talisman. How can you pass it?” The message interested me, and I answered him. Later we phoned, and I knew that Daniel is close to me. So, we started to chat. Gift – a mandala of the soul – took the. To thank Daniel went to him in Miami. We met in person, I supported his show mascots”.
Наталья Андрейченко приняла в дар мандалу души за 6 тысяч евро

For the manufacture of a talisman, the artist spent two weeks. The mascot resembles a round dish, just large sizes. Its height is 50 cm and a weight of 20 kg, and used precious stones.

“Each piece is immortalized on the mandala, says its owner, – explains the “StarHit” Daniel. – Natalia has a Lotus – a symbol of spirituality and purity, rose quartz – love and harmony in relationships with people, jade – confidence and clairvoyance, aventurine – enhancement of blissful energy of the person… During work, I shut off the mind and keep your hands free. And then a space dictates what to do. Only when I leave the meditation, you see the final result”.

Your guardian Natalia decided not to take away from the show in Miami, where he is represented among the other mascots of the artist.

“The mandala will accompany me on stage during the big tour of America – continues Natalia. Therefore, I took the amulet in Mexico, it’s worth it and pleases the eye of visitors to the gallery of Daniel in Miami. By the way, I have already allocated a special area, which was furnished by candles. This is in order to carry out meditation. Dealing with the mascot, I feel like he redeems and cleanses me from negative energy”.