Nastya Zadorozhnaya took the dog from a shelter

Настя Задорожная взяла собаку из приюта
The actress once again delighted fans.

Photo: Instagram

Anastasiya Zadorozhnaya is rejoicing in her house there was a dog. The singer long did not dare to get a dog, after all, much time the girl spends on the set and tour. But still this day has come. The dog star chose one of the sites of abandoned animals. The animals had to go to the village of Kozino. It is not very far from Moscow, but the trip outside Moscow on a weekday usually takes a lot of time.

Puppy (referring to him a few months) was already waiting for Cindy in a separate enclosure and were very glad to see a new hostess.

“Well, are you coming home with me? — asked Nastia (the dog happily barked and wagged his tail). — Everything, take my girl, my beautiful, my sweet!”

The first thing Alice and her new pet went to a beauty salon for dogs. There puppy washed, combed, cleaned all that is necessary. It turned out that the dog silky white hair.

The nickname of the animal Nastya has not yet come up for this, she turned for help to his fans. They have thrown the singer a few hundred options, so now Zadorozhnaya choose. And while the singer love the video calls it “a dog-an absurdity,” because the dog is happy funny to everyone and constantly runs in the wrong direction, where she was talking about.