Nastya Zadorozhnaya suspected pregnancy

Настю Задорожную заподозрили в беременности The singer showed a rounded shape at the presentation of the fantasy video “I am the Moon”. Nastya Zadorozhnaya, who is always watching his own figure, has surprised the guests of the evening. Representatives of the actress were quick to comment on rumors.
Настю Задорожную заподозрили в беременности

Nastya Zadorozhnaya celebrated the birthday Wednesday, August 30. The star decided to combine the celebration of the 32 anniversary with the presentation of dramatic fantasy film “I am the Moon” in which the artist appeared in the form of a fairy-elf. However, the guests ‘ attention was attracted not only a spectacular video, but changed the figure of Anastasia.

Zadorozhnaya was dressed in a black tight suit, through which I could clearly see the rounded belly. Suspicions arose for the sole reason that the artist always carefully follow the figure, leads a healthy lifestyle and eats right. However, as it turned out, the star early to congratulate with interesting position.

“First, at the moment heart Nastia free, – told the “StarHit” PR Manager artist Denis Efremchenkov. – And secondly, preparing the presentation, she was nervous, she had a gastric fever, which led to inflammation of the abdomen. Alas, the swelling quickly went down, and the costume would have fitted. She now feels better, and soon you will see again the Zadorozhnaya as usual for her.”
Настю Задорожную заподозрили в беременности

However, throughout the evening she was like a real Pro and didn’t mean that she’s unwell. Guests of the presentation were the first to see dramatic fantasy film “I am the Moon” to look behind the scenes of the set and see how filmed this video a masterpiece, and also to witness the high-tech musical shows. In the production of one from the concert was attended by the Safronov brothers. Thanks to the magical abilities of the famous illusionists, the artist in the truest sense of the word hung in the air during a performance of new song “the Dance”.

Presentation Zadorozhnaya took place in Yota Arena. The singer and actress presented to the public the most extensive work in the creative biography in which the artist first appeared in the form of fairy elf character. The shooting of the video took place in the reserved forests of Sintra in Portugal under the guidance of German Director NOISE, and the main role was played by the famous actor Gela Meskhi, the husband of actress Ekaterina Klimova.

Настю Задорожную заподозрили в беременности

To support Nastya and congratulate her on her birthday came closest friends and colleagues, among them Anton Lavrentiev, Tatiana Kotova, Ekaterina Odintsova, Kirill Safonov, Safronov brothers, IDA Galich, Karen Hovhannisyan, head of “Fidgets” Elena Pindzhoyan and others.

At the end of the party in the hall rolled out the original cake, the top of which was decorated with sweet figurine in the form of an elf. To loud applause, the birthday girl blew out the candles.