Nastya Zadorozhnaya is thinking about starting their own business

Настя Задорожная задумалась о собственном бизнесе
The singer put together your musical.

The actress was impressed after viewing
the musical “Ghost”. Zadorozhnaya even thought about creating his own show, which wanted to invite the creators of this production.

“They have a lot of surprises. All
very organic: smooth transitions from Comedy to drama, from drama to the special effects
from special effects in the technical solution of the scene, says zadorozhna. — Obviously, worked hard, felt
quality. Held for colleagues Cams. If I had to put my own show, I would
applied to the productions of “Ghosts” — it is necessary to do just that: spectacular, exciting,
nice ears. Everything here is in moderation.”

We will remind, in Moscow took place the premiere of the romantic
and touching musical of our time – “Ghost” on the film
Jerry Zucker with Patrick Swayze, demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg. This evening the audience
the new production by the theater company “Stage entertainment” has been
immersed in an atmosphere of contrasting, energetic, mad and at the same time
unusually attractive new York metropolis, which adjoin the thirst
greed, desire for power, culture, art love. Written and
the movie and musical by Bruce Joel Rubin, who earned the screenplay award “Oscar”,
just flew in for the premiere in Moscow from America to your eyes
see the Russian setting and hear in Russian the title song of the twentieth
century, to the song Unchained Melody.