Nastya Zadorozhnaya exposed himself to danger in the Seychelles

Настя Задорожная подвергла себя опасности на Сейшелах
The actress did not consider the peculiarities of the local fauna.

Photo: Instagram

Your next holiday Anastasiya Zadorozhnaya conducts in the Seychelles. Singer and actress flew back immediately after the Christmas holidays, when the resorts “subsided” the main stream of tourists (especially from Russia, because nowhere in the world is there such a long break in honor of the New year).

The first two days Zadorozhnaya slept, including on a sun lounger on the beach under an umbrella. And then rested and, as usual, began to misbehave. For example, she fulfilled her childhood dream and dug in the sand.

“Buried in the sand, — said the girl to the public. — And as always wanted as a child. Without restrictions. With a crunch on the teeth! Attracted all the local dog-the elite, began to dig the pit beneath me! That’s what it means to let yourself go! And it is so unforgettable”.

However, not all fans of the star reacted to her the same carefree fun. One girl wrote to Nastya about her fears, apparently based on his own experience: “I would not advise to lie on the sand, and even more so in him to dig. In hot climates, the most common parasites that are just waiting when the careless tourist will sit my ass in the sand. To treat it then, a long, expensive and difficult. Good luck and health!”

While the public hopes that all will cost and she will not touch the local parasites, the star has “pricelevels” with all the local dogs that just came to the delight of the behavior Zadorozhnaya. The singer misses his dogs, who stayed in Moscow in the care of parents and friends, and all my love pours on the local four-legged.

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