Настя Задорожная не хочет выходить замуж The actress admitted that she has a special relationship to marriage. As an example it was the mother. Nastya Zadorozhnaya does not seek to publicize their relationship and dreams to meet a decent person.

      Popular actress Nastya Zadorozhnaya for several years was happy with her civil husband Sergey Lavrovym. All around it seemed that in a pair there is a complete understanding and passionate love. For many it has become amazing, when Sergei and Nastia decided to take a break in the relationship. Despite the fact that the Slavnov repeatedly made the offer of marriage to his beloved, but before the wedding, it never came. Nastya and without a stamp in the passport considered herself a married woman. As it turned out, Zadorozhnaya adheres to specific views on marriage. This relationship was formed in her the example of my parents. After her father’s death her mother decided not to marry.

      “‘t met the right person,” says zadorozhna. Or just didn’t want to. I didn’t ask. Incidentally, I also have no desire. It is not surprising. Maybe we have a special attitude to marriage. Just don’t want to. If I want, I will give myself this holiday. Emphasize yourself, and not for everyone.”

      Nastya is not trying to keep my private life private and prefers that her relations knew as few people as possible. But the most important thing for Zadorozhnaya – yet to find a decent man.

      Remembering the home of his parents, the actress notes that have not found common language with my dad. She tried to connect with him as an adult. Despite the fact that the actress is still possible – she shared her problems with him – truly loved ones they were not. Besides, dad was opposed to her daughter to become an actress and saw her in a different profession – lawyer. However, Zadorozhnaya listened to his heart, and tried exactly to go for their goals, not paying attention to gossip.

      “And still around me gossip: “Nastya Zadorozhnaya 30 years, and why isn’t she married?” I don’t care what they say about me” – confessed the actress in an interview with “Good advice”.

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