Nastya Kamensky’ve gained weight after breaking up with Potapov

Настя Каменских располнела после расставания с Потапом
The figure of the singer has strongly changed.

Nastya Kamensky

Photo: @kamenskux Instagram Nastya Kamenskih

To Nastya Kamensky returned the extra pounds she’d shed a few years ago. The singer posted photos in a bathing suit, and showed a changed shape. Members Nastia was, to put it mildly, surprised by the appearance of the actress and the left under the photo dozens of comments regarding the fact that Kamensky “stout”.

But more recently, fans discussed what Nastia brings diets to exhaustion. Working out at the gym and avoiding sweets helped Kamensky long to keep a terrific result. Anyway, the amount of clothing that moved she is now, only has to worry about her, and the discussion of anorexia/cellulite — “the scourge” of social media. In the creative life Kamensky, for example, changes that cost much more attention of fans of the singer.

In October last year, Kamensky announced that the Duo “Potap and Nastya” paused. This decision was taken in order that both artists were able to concentrate on solo projects. Potap now writes a rap in the style of 18, and Nastya goes by the name NK. However, they continue to interact in the creative plan. For example, the song Kamensky “This is my night”, which became very popular, was written by Potapov.

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