Настя Каменских попала в больницу The actress does not like to go to the doctors, but was forced to do so as a standalone treatment to anything good has not resulted. Nastya Kamensky received a strong poison, and now she put on a drip.
Настя Каменских попала в больницу

Nastya Kamenskih that some time performing as a solo artist was forced to suspend work for some time due to severe poisoning. For several days, the singer thought that he would be able to do without the help of doctors, but the symptoms of poisoning did not pass.

When it was really bad, Kamensky was forced to go to the doctors and talked about it in his microblog.

“I decided that I would be able to get in shape. But, unfortunately, this did not happen. I was getting worse and worse. Sick more often running to the toilet. And, in the end, I came to the hospital, I was immediately put on a drip. So I advise everyone: do not delay, please contact the staff immediately!” — said the singer.
Настя Каменских попала в больницу

For five days, when Nastya was sick, she acted on stage, so fans Kamensky had no idea that the artist is something wrong. Very soon the singer needs to go to the concert in Odessa. Nastya hopes that by the time she finally wakes up and will not fail the audience.

We will remind, last year Nastya Kamensky and Potap stopped successful cooperation and began to act as solo units. Despite this, the actors talk warmly with each other. Fans Kamensky was discussing her affair with Potap, Nastya, however, is not talking about individual journalists.

“I’m not that really happy and wish each, so the singer responded to a question about his personal life. — I have repeatedly said: when the time comes and I want everything will. And yet his love, his chosen one I’m protecting from the numerous gossip and conversations. Happiness loves silence”.
Настя Каменских попала в больницу

And recently, Kamensky said, what kind of guys she likes. As it turned out, it attracted men with a sense of humor, and repel those who have a marked narcissism and self-love. Nastya, like many girls, wants to get married and have children.

Nastya Kamensky told about the nature of the elect