Настя Каменских попала в больницу из-за нераскрывшегося парашюта

Dream to feel like a bird and feel how it is to fly almost turned to Nastya Kamenskih tragedy.

Participant of the duet “Potap and Nastya” dare to jump with a parachute, but is caught in a powerful jet stream of air, parachute Nastya did not deploy and her (losing precious seconds) I had to use the spare. Such actions led Kamensky in the hospital.

Fortunately for Nastya, the injury was not as serious as it could be, given the extremity of the situation.

On his page in Instagram singer has published a photo of PPE hospital and spoke about how she feels: “alive! You could say, got off lightly! Was lucky that immediately had surgery, and now I will be able to recover.

According to Nasti, the hospital gave her the thirst for extreme sensations.

I never was fond of extreme sports, but wanted to feel what it’s like to fly, she admitted. The first part of the flight was perfect! Well, then the parachute caught the air stream and never opened… At that moment, when you get the spare wheel down, runs life as a film! And most importantly, you can’t stop the fall or delay the time… Suffered a right leg, but a huge thanks to my instructor, who reacted in time, and I survived. Friends! Not all dreams need to realize in life. I had a blog at this point… However, the irony. So you will soon be able to see for themselves!


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