Настя Каменских откровенно рассказала о восстановлении после травмы The singer seriously damaged foot due to a fall from a height, is very optimistic. Nastya Kamensky almost crashed during a parachute jump, as its dome did not deploy at the crucial moment.

      Last week, with the soloist well-known Duo Nastya Kamenskih almost happened a real tragedy. During her parachute jump mechanism does not work, and the singer nearly died from a collision with earth. “You could say, got off lightly! Was lucky that immediately had surgery, and now I can safely recover. I never was fond of extreme sports, but wanted to know how it feels … to fly. The first part of the flight was perfect! Well, then the parachute caught the air stream and never opened…At that moment, when you get the spare wheel down, runs life as a film”, – said the singer to subscribers of their “Instagram”.

      Fans worried for the health Kamensky. On the eve of her colleague Potapov said that she is forced for some time to walk only on crutches, but she was already discharged from the hospital. Potapov spoke about the state Nastya Kamenskih after the tragedy

      “She moved away from the operation. Unfortunately, serious injury was a long surgery, she. Now it is restored,” – said the rapper.

      Sultry brunette already started to please followers of his microblog new selfie. Face Nasty smile, despite the fact that to recover from the trauma she will have quite a long time.

      “The most important thing in recovery is attitude! And I really try! A positive person will overcome all,” – wrote Nastya under a photo taken on the way to the dressing.

      In his video blog on Youtube Potap colleague showed the video, which was filmed during a briefing on skydiving and flying by plane. Before the jump she was very nervous and even cried. However, experts assured her that everything will be okay. The last frame of the video shows how the girl flying with an instructor on a blue sky background. The time of a failed landing in the video was not included.

      Kamensky looking forward to when she will remove stitches. After that, the doctors will allow her to begin classes in the pool that will help her to rehabilitate. The singer remains a difficult recovery, and while all the shows with her participation cancelled.

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