Nastya Kamensky told about the nature of the elect

Настя Каменских рассказала о характере своего избранника The singer lifted the veil of secrecy over his personal life. Nastya Kamensky admitted that he was happy in the relationship, but it is not going to declassify the name of the second half. In the more distant future star, like any woman, wants to get married and have a baby.
Настя Каменских рассказала о характере своего избранника

31-year-old Nastya Kamenskih, which last year began a solo career under the name NK, not among the stars, willingly talking about his personal life. The singer believes that her need to be protected from public attention. However, in a recent interview, Kamensky said about your man, the sensual, and also about the attitude to marriage and pregnancy.

Dating Nastya, is not known. The singer does not advertise the name of their second halves and his occupation. It was rumored that the actress met with the captain, but the stars did not confirm this information.

“I’m not that really happy and wish each, so the singer responded to a question about his personal life. – I have repeatedly said: when the time comes and I want everything will. And yet his love, his chosen one I’m protecting from the numerous gossip and conversations. Happiness loves silence”.
Настя Каменских рассказала о характере своего избранника

About my colleague Potap Nastya prefers to speak exclusively in the working key. It was he who wrote her first two singles Kamensky. The singer believes producer and rapper genius hit maker. Now the farm continues to help the artist and support her.

Journalists asked Kamensky, what kind of men attract her. The star admitted that she is impressed when representatives of the stronger sex are a joke. Apparently, the current boyfriend of the actress has this quality, so never gives Nastya bored.

“I am attracted to sense of humor. It is primarily a mental alertness, which gives a certain piquancy to communicate” – spoken by a celebrity.

Nastya also called unpleasant traits, which, on the contrary, repel. “Narcissism and self-love. But I’m also insecure. Must be a happy medium,” said the singer.

In the future Kamensky would like to get married and become a mother. About when this can happen, the performer does not specify. One thing is clear – she’s not planning to bring the career sacrifices for family life. “Love implies that one does not have anything to give. If so the question arises, it is worth considering that love at all?” – says the star.

About what will be her ideal wedding, She prefers to make. According to singer, the main thing – to go down the aisle with your loved one. “The rest is not so important,” shared the artist with the magazine Viva.

Note that Nastya Kamenskih is not only a singer but a business woman. Last year the star launched his own line of sportswear. In the debut collection includes more than a dozen models, including t-shirts, suits, trousers and leggings. In addition, She maintains a video blog on YouTube, on Instagram watch more than two million people.