Nastya Kamensky showed a completely “naked” photo

Настя Каменских показала абсолютно «голое» фото
The singer revealed almost all that is hidden.

Photo: Instagram

Almost two weeks ago Nastya Kamensky returned from vacation, but “vacation does not let go”. The star continues to share with fans photos from tropical countries. Only if the singer is still posed in a swimsuit or sportswear, though very Frank, and now decided to show the world all that is hidden. She has published in a personal blog a picture in which absolutely naked. Intimate places Nastya still covers, but, as noted by the fans, “secrets have not left.”

This candid photo apparently did beloved Kamensky, who always travels with her. Recently the girl admitted that he is not ready to call his name, because “happiness loves silence”. Stars in recent years, love to repeat this phrase that does not prevent them to show the world his naked body on the pages of glossy magazines and social networks.

However, Anastasia does not exclude that perhaps in the future declassify the elect. But while it will make efforts that no one revealed her secret before the time.

“I’m not that really happy and every wish. I have repeatedly said: when the time comes and I want everything will. And yet his love, his chosen one I’m protecting from the numerous gossip and conversations,” — said Anastasia in an interview.

And while the fans are left to speculate about who could win the heart of Kamensky. Interestingly, although her duet with Potap is now “on pause” in professional terms, many believe that the two artists link love relationship. Recently, for example, Nastia, now serving under the pseudonym NK, premiere of love songs. In the recording of the song “Trimi” took an active part Potap and Kamenskih emphasizes that this track was for her a sort of confession. “The song is very personal and intimate and I was ready to release it. Besides, I was looking for an unusual sound, — says Nastya. — This composition is written under the influence of the most sincere and warm feelings and inspire everyone to feel the same. Love and be loved!”