Настя Каменских поделилась ужасающими кадрами падения с парашютом This is the third week the actress is recovering from serious injuries. Nastya Kamensky almost died because of problems with the mechanism of the parachute. The star underwent a serious operation, is now supporting her friends and colleagues.

      Настя Каменских поделилась ужасающими кадрами падения с парашютом

      Last week fans of Nastya Kamenskih was shocked by the message that it was received. Parachute jump almost ended in tragedy for her – at a time when she was preparing to land, the mechanism fails. This error in the device could become Kamensky fatal, but luckily she was only hurt, though, and in this matter required the urgent intervention of surgeons. Star endured a difficult surgery, which will take a long time to recover. A colleague artist Potapov previously reported on how she feels and what he thinks about the incident.

      Potapov spoke about the state Nastya Kamenskih after the tragedy

      Later on the subject called and Anastasia, saying that during the fall was almost ready to say goodbye to life.

      “At that moment, when you get the spare wheel down, runs life as a film! And most importantly, you can’t stop the fall or delay the time… Suffered a right leg, but a huge thanks to my instructor, who reacted in time, and I survived. Friends! Not all dreams need to realize in life. I had a blog at this point”, – shared his impressions of Kamensky.

      After a time, the singer shared with fans the horrific footage of the fall. The video can be seen as Kamensky is falling down, and subsequently a very hard landing. Some time, the actress may never recover, and later understand that and stand up not. Star help doctors, and the instructor tries to ease her pain, placing a head cloth opened parachute. The first thing Kamensky after a failed landing, it’s a job. Nastya says: “I’m mad because I have a lot of work. I disappoint so many people.”

      In a few minutes the girl came the ambulance which took her to hospital where she subsequently had surgery. The artist admitted that at first simply could not believe what happened, but then accepted the fact that she is temporarily not able to live the life to which got used and began to treat everything philosophically. Photos and videos from the hospital, which divided the girl, full of optimism – Kamensky said that this is nothing more than a temporary difficulty, and it is configured for a speedy recovery.

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