Nastya Kamensky completely stripped

Настя Каменских полностью оголилась The actress showed naked body. Nastya Kamenskih is not shy about its figures, and fans regularly admire her appearance. The last image in the pool, stirred her followers.

Nastya Kamensky enjoys a well-deserved vacation. The girl shares with followers shots in a bikini and other eye-catching outfits. She trained hard to make her figure look perfect. Records from the sports hall, the artist had posted on the YouTube channel, which is dedicated to her workouts and healthy lifestyle.

The last frame is not a joke fans excited, star. Nastya posing by the pool completely naked. Star covered her Breasts with his hands and poses in profile. Fans expressed delight in the comments to the post. “Beauty and talent does not ruin”, “the Figure is just awesome. In this photo especially, such a photo look and the motivation, you can do that”, “the case when thin, and I want to see you,” “Personally, I really like the photo. Without unnecessary pathos and glamour. Everything is beautiful, natural and very sexy,” wrote netizens. Some felt that the girl behaves too vulgar, posting such images.

Goodbye Potap and Nastya Kamensky

Kamensky recently released a sports line of things that lovers like to spend time actively. “It is filled with meaning and carries the desire for change” – the so-called collection star.

Offstage Nastya prefers to wear clothes in retro style. “I love to experiment, both in creativity and in everyday life. Look no further to see the bigger picture and go beyond the existing framework. Always try to meet new and love the process. Today I was inspired by everything related to the world trend styling of the 80’s and 90’s in fashion, music, mood. In the collections of the brands shows a world of artists played with these notes. Surprisingly, when creative people from around the world are feeling similar topics,” says the artist.

By the way, Kamensky is now engaged in the development of their project. “Start free swimming was not easy. I admit, there were even moments when I cried. But not because I was saying goodbye to Duo. I had to turn the page and to go further”, – told Nastya about the start of the solo career in one interview.