Nastya Kamensky boasted beefy buttocks

Настя Каменских похвасталась накачанными ягодицами The singer posted a photo in very short shorts. Nastya Kamensky posted a microblog candid frame, which captures the charm of a rounded shape. Subscribers artist was delighted with the picture.
Настя Каменских похвасталась накачанными ягодицами

Nastya Kamenskih is not only a beautiful voice, but elegant forms. Girl loves to pamper fans spicy photos. She eagerly poses on camera in erotic bikinis and slinky outfits. The followers of the star admit that they are not surprised, seeing her bare legs or deep cleavage. However, beauty has invented a new way to make a splash.

On the eve of celebrity details showed her buttocks. She posted the image on the back. On the picture you can see not only the little denim shorts, but the elastic thigh Nasti. Unfortunately, the singer did not allow followers to leave their opinions: the artist posted under stories. Probably, thus it extricates itself from the vicious attacks of the haters.

Note that detractors still found a reason and way to insult the beauty. In addition to provocative frame, Kamensky shared with subscribers of other cards. On them she appeared in sneakers, a white t-shirt and two pigtails. Users of the social network felt that a new image of brunettes absolutely not her face. In addition, they drew attention to the size of a girl’s leg, calling it implausible large.

“Not the best for your photo shoot”, “Nastya, you changed your image? Give it back!”, “What about my shoes? Stop some huge. Maybe it’s a sham?”, “A little scared. Although, you are always very beautiful. Probably just the light fell?”, “I love you! But the new style is not very suitable. Maybe another experiment?” commented followers pictures of the stars.

By the way, the celebrity tries not to pay attention to such statements. She is confident and knows all their strengths and weaknesses. In addition, the artist actively working on external data. In her microblog posts often appear dedicated to the sports interests of the beauties and the secrets of her beauty. For example, Kamensky recently vacationing in new York, where almost every morning and shared with fans videos from the morning runs. She is sure that there is nothing better for health of body and soul than athletic training.