Настя Каменских и Потап обменялись колкостями Ex-participants of the duet “Potap and Nastya” congratulated each other on holidays. 4 may Alex Potapenko published online humorous poem devoted to the work of Kamensky. And she, in turn, decided to pay former partner on the scene back.
Настя Каменских и Потап обменялись колкостями

Yesterday Alex Potapenko (Potapov) celebrated a birthday. Together with bright brunette Nastya Kamenskih they played the hits, which suddenly flew up to the top of the charts. However, in 2017, the artists decided to disband.

It is worth noting that Anastasia and Alexei are celebrating their birthdays with only a few days. 4 may Kamensky turned 31, and may 8, Potapov noted 37th birthday.

Congratulating Nastia, Alex posted on Instagram a controversial poem dedicated to ex-partner.

“Dear Anastasia Alexeevna, first, in the lines of my letter, I want to congratulate you. And in a delightful delight to rhyme to you: “7 billion people, but only a few give happiness, among which you. The girl, Nastya, your soul is illuminated by your good deeds, and let hiss envious of the singer-prostitute. You’re not we all, Nastya, understand you were born was to say: “I’m different”. So Shine international, the Olympus of fame and let the envious your SIP of hot lava, amidst the thousands of show-stars and pornstars German, the answer to the question will always be – Happy Birthday Queen K!” – posted by Alexey Potapenko.
Настя Каменских и Потап обменялись колкостями

Yesterday Nastya is not less bright decided to congratulate a former colleague. The girl said that he estimated his verse.

“You’re a very unusual person. And on the day of my birth you congratulated me poems. I also will not miss the moment and a few lines will write the words: “You, Alex, is a genius. And we all understand that. And let the light of the many opinions. But creativity pierces through yours. Let your every work will be known all over the world. Let it never runs out of inspiration. And every song is a hit the fat. You’re a good man, Alyosha. Deserve only happiness and love. Always want to hug BIG Pose and sign We Love U under the post” – ironically wrote Kamensky.