Настя Каменских едва не погибла The singer parachute did not open. Nastya Kamenskikh has caused concern of the fans, laying out the terrible from the hospital. The actress is glad that she survived and the operation was successful.

      The singer Nastya Kamensky made alarmed their fans. Today she has published in the microblog picture from his hospital bed. The girl rewound the leg and through the bandages showed blood. Kamensky was quick to assure fans that she’s fine.

      “Alive! You could say, got off lightly! Was lucky that immediately had surgery, and now I could recover,” shared news about his health Nasty.

      The singer also told the reason why was on the operating table. As it turned out, the thirst for new experiences from extreme relaxation has ended for it badly. During the parachute jump was the worst – the dome did not deploy.

      “I never was fond of extreme sports, but wanted to feel what it’s like to fly. The first part of the flight was perfect! Well, then the parachute caught the air stream and never opened…At that moment, when you get the spare wheel down, runs life as a film! And most importantly, you can’t stop the fall or delay the time…Suffered a right leg, but a huge thanks to my instructor, who reacted in time, and I survived. Friends! Not all dreams need to realize in life. I had a blog at this time…However, the irony. So you will soon be able to see for themselves!” – told the artist.

      Photos published Nastya Kamensky (@kamenskux) Jul 18 2016 at 3:44 PDT

      Fans were truly shocked by the story that happened to Nastya. Some after her words had sworn never to jump with a parachute. Fans wished the singer a speedy recovery.

      “My dream about the parachute jump will remain a dream, as it is the twins. And I in front of them. And I agree with you! Although I wanted to jump, but last year I flew in a hot air balloon and realized that there are much more interesting without the risk for your family and loved ones,” “But the dream has come true and most importantly, alive and well, and it’ll get better, get well soon!”, “Nastya, be healthy, feel better. I also have a dream to jump with a parachute, but I now think it worthwhile,” wrote excited fans.

      Now the actress hopes that in a short time will completely heal and return to normal life.

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