Nastya Kamenskih openly voiced their volumes

Настя Каменских откровенно озвучила свои объемы Star wants to get closer to the standard of the female figure. Nastya Kamenskih for a long time struggling with excess weight. The singer promised fans to publish interim results.

      Настя Каменских откровенно озвучила свои объемы

      A year ago Nastya Kamensky started the fight against obesity. During this period it has not achieved any significant results, although there was a period when the star looked pretty orderly. The singer does not lose optimism and continues to dream about the ideal figure. Since she is losing weight only through diet and fitness, weight goes very slowly. To stimulate themselves, and at the same time and inspire fans, Nastya has decided to openly announce the volume of the body.

      “Dear friends! For the past year in sports. I worked very hard on yourself! There was a period when we toured tightly and sticking to the correct mode. Therefore, I have never managed to achieve a perfect shape! And I decided to show you your options, thereby to lure yourself into a trap, “he promised – do”. On the pictures are my options at the moment. I’m going once a week to measure and to show their achievements” – Kamensky wrote in his microblog.

      Two weeks ago bust, waist and hip stars made 92-71-102 see Today is the last two digits is decreased by one. Maybe it’s not such a significant result, which is expected Nastya, however, the trend for weight loss has emerged, and this is important.

      Recall, about a year ago Kamensky started the Internet video blog about training and dietary nutrition, where she shared the results of achievements with everyone. However, creative fervor and willpower of the singer lasted only a few months, then the blog was practically abandoned. In the fall she had confessed to subscribers that recovered, because during the tour in the United States she was difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle.

      However, a participant duet “Potap and Nastya” admitted to fans that in 2016 she will definitely lose kilos. To keep my promise, Kamensky even had to abandon the Christmas feasts. Now the singer is now firmly set its goal to be slim.

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