Nastya Kamenskih is preparing to become a mother

Настя Каменских готовится стать матерью The singer spoke about the new addition to the family. Now Nastya Kamenskih hard at work on a solo project, but does not deny that he would have been glad having a baby. According to the girl, it will be the most wonderful event in her life.

For several weeks fans of Nastya Kamenskih hard to discuss her alleged pregnancy. The actress did not comment on the rumors, but continued to appear on stage in a sexy and slinky outfits. However, in the air of musical channel she decided to break the silence. She spoke about the proposed addition to the family.

“If it so happens with me that I’ll get pregnant, it is the most beautiful thing that can be in the artist’s life. I used to be very worried about it. Do not understand how you can combine work with family? But really I think that with a strong desire it can be done,” said the singer.

But now all her thoughts are busy developing his musical career. Recently got a new clip of the girl in the song “This is my night”, which instantly became a hit and gained several million views on YouTube. The artist does not deny that he was proud of the creative achievements and thanked the fans for their support.

Throughout his career, the star refuses to comment attributed to her novels. However, fans continue to argue that Kamenskih pregnant from an unknown lover. Some of them even think that divorce Potap with his wife was associated with his secret affair with Nastya. The girl successfully goes on tour and gives several concerts a week, not paying attention to rumors.

Communicating with the correspondent music channel RU.TV the singer also commented on the collapse of the Duo “Potap and Nastya”. According to the girl, the decision was mutual and did not affect her friendships with a colleague at the scene.

“Start free swimming was not easy. I admit, there were even moments when I cried. But not because I was saying goodbye to Duo. I had to turn the page and move on,” said the girl.

Kamensky followers in Instagram never tire of noting that the girl looks beautiful. She has lost several pounds and would often visit the gym. Despite the fact that in social networks Anastasia shares exclusively working with photos and screenshots with the rest, her fans are sure that this beautiful and successful actress just cannot be alone.