Nastya Kamenskih is on the mend after accident

Настя Каменских идет на поправку после несчастного случая
The singer has found a way to a quick recovery.

Nastya Kamensky

Photo: Yury Feklistov

A week
ago, the soloist of the duet “Potap and Nastya” during a jump with a parachute did not deploy
parachute. “The first part of the flight was perfect! Well, then the parachute fell into the stream
air was not opened. At that moment, when you get the spare wheel down,
life runs like a film! And most importantly, you can’t stop the fall or
to delay the time — talked about the tragedy of the singer. — Suffered a right leg, but thank you so much
my instructor, who reacted in time, and I remain alive.”

Good news: Nastya Kamenskih already goes on the amendment. If the first few days the singer has lain with
gypsum, now it can move independently with the aid of crutches. “The
the main thing in recovery is attitude! And I really try! — said Kamensky. — Positive —
will overcome all”.

Of course, deciding to jump with a parachute,
Nastya didn’t even think that this adventure will end in a fracture. “Friends! Not all dreams need to be implemented in
life”, — concluded the incident from the singer.

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