Nastya Ivleva almost broke a finger

Настя Ивлеева чуть не сломала палец
Host of “heads and Tails” and the well-known Weiner Nastya Ivleva went on a trip to Europe. Anastasia publishes images taken in Rome.

Настя Ивлеева чуть не сломала палец

Настя Ивлеева чуть не сломала палец

But shortly before that she posted a picture where her finger was wrapped in blue bandages.

“Like and repost! brothers, do not be angry that I have so little vlog in it. the guys tried, and I was engrossed in the shooting of agent Shaw. They are great! In the end, we’re really trying for you! The next issue I promise I will be a lot. Who has not seen the issue, go to youtube channel “Nastya Ivleva””

– signed, then the girl, but about a finger didn’t say anything.

Настя Ивлеева чуть не сломала палец

So a week passed. And only today found out what happened with the part of the body Ivlieva:

“That finger, You ask?! Everything is simple, pinched, closing the car door! While it comes in the divine form (and it will not happen soon) dress it in different clothes! Here, examples of the Roman bandages, for example! How are you?”

– finally, confessed Anastasia, posting a photo with a glass of champagne and bandages.

Ulevoi wish to quickly improve their health.

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