Nastya Fish and Alex Leslie went to jail after a sex-training in Thailand

Настя Рыбка и Алекс Лесли загремели в СИЗО после секс-тренинга в Таиланде Police arrested the flamboyant help Alexander and Anastasia Kirillova, Vashukevich. They’re Nasty Fish and Alex Leslie. Young people were among the 43 Russians who took part in illegal in Thailand sex training. In the end the police turned ten organizers.

According to a source in law enforcement bodies of Thailand, the organizers of “sex conference” was taken into custody on the Isle of LAN.

Later than ten, including the Fish and Leslie was taken to the Pattaya, located a few kilometers from the venue of the training.

“All the detainees are now in detention and awaiting trial, where they will formally press charges,” said the source.

Alex, most likely, will be accused of illegal labor activity in the territory of Thailand. Local law for this offense provides for punishment of imprisonment up to two years or a fine of 3 thousand dollars. As a rule, local authorities are limited to the recovery of money and deportation, which involves a temporary ban on entry to Thailand.

A few hours ago, Leslie had published on the stanichka Instagram post in which the blogger described in detail the impressions received during the Thai sex training.

“It was an unforgettable ten days, during which we visited favorite spots Alex Leslie, I felt a real drive and properly annealed! All children successfully passed even the most extreme tests, received certificates and discovered a new world full of love, sex and passion. As always, there were some UPS and downs, jokes, but the result was worth the wait. We congratulate all participants and wish them good luck in mastering the new world, now open to them new possibilities and prospects!” shared sex guru Leslie with Network users.

Recall that Nasty Fish is a follower of the theory Alex Leslie. He, in turn, has written several books on the pickup truck, which advises the girls to make lists of the men with whom they would like to meet and gradually realize his dream.

In early February, Nastya became the heroine of a scandal. The blogger said about the rape oligarch Oleg Deripaska. She posted combines footage of a businessman in a Network. Then the Fish demanded that the businessman had married her, or threatened to write a complaint to the authorities. After Anastasia called this information a “fake” and “trolling stupid women”. However, the billionaire has decided to sue the girl and her mentor Alex to court.

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According to TASS, in total, the sex trainings that organizoval Leslie with his assistants in Thailand, was attended by 43 people. And each of them paid more than $ 620 (nearly 35 thousand).