Противный смех Ани Лорак резанул по ушам
As it turned out, for a pleasant appearance Ani Lorak hides a very nasty laugh.

During the festival of “Heat” along the way were shooting the film under the working title “Heat in Baku”, and at this festival and was its protagonists and performers.

According to the script, in one scene, Grigory Leps, Philip Kirkorov, Nikolai Baskov, Ani Lorak had lunch at a large Azerbaijani Desk . Grigory Leps was crazy, Philip portrayed surprise and gawked at, Nikolay Baskov all amused and Caroline laughed at his jokes.

With that laughter, and cut the ears. Somehow he does not fit with the Carolina. Like that grandmother in the market laughing and not laughing, the singer has a pleasant voice.

← Singer Fame has become the most vulgar at the festival “Heat”