Настасья Самбурская скоро родит ребенка According to numerology, the actress has all chances to become a mother next year. “StarHit” found out who will be the father of the child Nastasya Samburski, and star of the TV series “Univer” in the near future.

      Actress Nastassja Samburski once again forced to talk about himself: the 29-year-old actress spent the holidays in Spain in the company of her husband Ksenia Borodina Kurban Omarov. The celebrity says 5 million of his followers on “Instagram” that between her and Gurban was nothing, and she still is in a relationship with the Belarusian singer Alexander Ivanov. Nastasya Samburski justified for staying with a husband Borodina

      Numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva compared the date of birth nastasi and Alexander and made a forecast for their future.

      “Life code actress – 2911279 says that Nastasia was born on the day of artistic sensitivity,” says Clara. – She has a very strong-willed character, she is talented and charming girl. But in a life with her, of course, very hard. Her emotions will prevail over reason, she’s short-tempered and overly straightforward. But on the other hand, is it fair if and says some nasty lead, he always does it at the person behind it is not whispering. In addition, Samburski very jealous and hard. Given its excellent sports preparation, I would place her lover didn’t give Samburski some reasons to doubt it – what look to kill”.

      Character Samburski has this feature – she needs all at once, this very minute! Money Samburski is easy, it is easy to part with them, lends. She’s very charismatic – it’s impossible not to fall in love. That’s why she got away with everything. Even the stars, that Samburski had the temerity to speak in his harsh manner, do not hold it against her, before the actress – the universal favourite. Samburski have three nines, she has tremendous analytical skills. That is why it has a high rate of speech are her thoughts ahead of words. Nastasia life code it is forbidden to worry, it can lead to nervous disorders,” – said the numerologist.

      “Alexander was born on the day of new ideas. His life code – 358314 says that he is the bearer of the sign of artistry. Alexander is a very patient man, he Nastasia is very suitable. He, almost the only light, the strength to withstand its explosive nature. However, it has one feature that is slightly annoying Nastassja Alexander lazy. Energetic Samburski can’t accept that, and the character of Ivanov is often a cause of quarrels in the pair. Besides, Samburski today is in a period of decline, her nerves on edge… that’s why it provokes Alexander, calm and melancholic, the scandals. But this autumn the singer will be lucky – in the fall, after my birthday on 29 October, he will begin a period of energy rise, it will make a chic job offer. If Nastasia and Alexander will not leave till this time, it is likely that next year they can be born child.

      Zodiac signs celebrity match each other: he’s a Scorpio, she’s Pisces. This allows them to share energy, to complement each other.”

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