Настасья Самбурская обратилась к толстушкам с просьбой «не жрать!» The actress spoke sharply about bodypositive, encouraged to exercise and to stop eating at night. Nastasya Samburski also complained that now she can’t visit the gym.

Actress Nastassja Samburski, star of TV series “Univer. New Dorm”, is very popular in Instagram – she has over 9 million subscribers. The actress is active on the Network and almost every day gives its fans and haters, of which there are many, food for discussion. Nastasia not only puts bold photos, forcing you to discuss your appearance, not only provokes Frank live, but also speaks on various topics, making a usually a categorical statement.

Nastasia spends a lot of time in the gym, constantly shows off fit body and advertises sporting goods, Stripping reliefs. But now doctors temporarily banned the girl to play sports. Samburski sad, and wrote on Instagram, how important is it to do with his body.

Nastasia spoke about the so-called bodypositive, she appealed not to promote fullness.

“Today I will tell you what I think about bodypositive. How many in this word for Russian heart merged. Yes, and not only Russian. Want to be fat – be! But why this propaganda to the masses? Why confuse the girls, which the gym crying. You want to say that a healthy, toned body, is the destiny of men? A lot of women – “sandwich” with sausage in the folds in the morning to find? It is better to spend two hours in the bath meal, rather than full-fledged sport?” – wrote Samburski.

Nastasia believes that if we are to accept yourself for who you are, you have to throw another care – not to do makeup, manicures and depilation treatments.

“Since you for accepting yourself for who you are, stop and paint, why bluish complexion, pour a Foundation, why increase the lips, why the lashes to build the spider (have pity on arachnophobes) and claws grow?! If positive and accepting yourself and your body, let’s do everything till the end! And about the hair not sure. On the whole body,” said Nastasia.

The actress admitted that she wrote a post including myself, because now, when she can’t hit the weights and play sports, Nastasya allows himself to junk food such as chips. “At the moment, temporarily, for technical reasons, room I is contraindicated and, increasingly, boredom bears to eat cipcode. That’s why I say now scream out loud. At the same time to reach themselves,” she said and added that there are no excuses to not to do fitness.

“Because I don’t want to believe that fat woman is fine, an abscess at the next information about it. I urge you to anorexia. Toned body only! Eat, my good, only with the understanding that you do not harm yourself that the food goes in your favor and not the blockage of blood vessels cholesterol. Fat is unnecessary. There is no possibility to go back in? Not otmazyvatsya. Squat at home with the baby, walk a lot, do yoga and download press on lessons on the Internet! Drink water, don’t eat at night” – written by Nastassja Samburski.

Most members supported the artist and expressed Samburski thanks for the post: “Beautiful words. I just adore”, “Good admire you, Nastasya, not only beauty, but also clever”, “Thanks for the reminder! A good kick,” wrote to her fans.