Nastasya Samburski turned to Olga Buzova after the scandal

Настасья Самбурская обратилась к Ольге Бузовой после скандала The actress made it clear he was not going to apologize to the star. Moreover, Nastasya Samburski continued the conflict with Olga Buzova. Social media users were divided into two camps: some supported the actress, while others plead for a lead.
Настасья Самбурская обратилась к Ольге Бузовой после скандала

Last weekend was a scandal involving Nastasya Samburski, Victor Drobysh and Olga Buzova. During the concert “a New idol” the actress parodied the leading “House-2” and the young singer. Later Drobysh critical to the creativity Buzova. Remembering about this nasty incident, Olga could not restrain his emotions and began to cry.

Criticism of colleagues brought Olga Buzova to tears

After some time, Samburski decided to publicly call Buzova. Nastasia released a video message to a colleague on show-business stories in Instagram.

“Yesterday I was licking the flute, and today the Pope faucet. I like to press on pity a million likes “Instagram,” said star.
Настасья Самбурская обратилась к Ольге Бузовой после скандала

Social media users react differently to a sharp statement nastasi. While some stood up for Olga Buzova and accused Samburski in the PR on someone else’s behalf, while others supported the actress.

In turn, Viktor Drobysh said he will be in touch with subscribers in the near future. The producer has signaled that it does not apply to the incident seriously.

“We, balalaika, sitting in this Instagram and bark like dogs! Shame,” – said the worker of show business.

Meanwhile, fans of Olga Buzova attacked Victor Drobysh calls to apologize to the presenter. “This is a fiasco, bro”, “Shame to fight with the girls” – they wrote. At the same time, fans of the producer tried to support him and urged him to stop the verbal battle.

Earlier Drobysh focused on the fact that it does not consider the work activity Buzova. According to the producer, the star is a great person, but she doesn’t need to conquer the musical Olympus.

Настасья Самбурская обратилась к Ольге Бузовой после скандала“I am very happy that “New Factory,” we touched “creativity” Olga Buzova. She’s definitely a talented man, but still no one knows what is her talent. As a musician, I’m sure that music is not its strongest side. Moreover, erecting the plywood in officialdom, it makes the bad all the Russian show-business, which is not far from the priests. So the stage of “Factory” – the best place for talented derision of the arrogant phenomenon “Buzova”. Although it is not a bad person and could work, for example, a nurse or a cashier!” said Drobysh in Instagram.

On Sunday evening during a conversation with host Andrew razygraevym Olga Buzova made clear that the statement of the famous producer has touched it for a living. According to the girl, she is extremely unpleasant to such public criticism.

“I am not a character, I a person! And, in the first place, girl! Forgive me for my emotions, but it’s hard. I am not a robot, and as much as I smiled on the stage, the public’re insulted by that my colleagues in show business, I was hurt. I understand that I should not give such reaction, and know that only critics will mock, but I’m so sorry”, – said Olga.