Nastasya Samburski surprised special photo

Настасья Самбурская удивила особыми фото Popular actress didn’t always look like this. It turns out, Samburski no stranger to experimenting with hair color and hairstyles. Now the star recalls with a smile about what a strange change it was solved.

      Настасья Самбурская удивила особыми фото

      Star of TV series “Univer” and popular blogger “Instagram” Nastasya Samburski decided to demonstrate to subscribers the evolution of his appearance. Now this actress is one of the most beautiful, fashionable and stylish celebrity, but before becoming such, Nastasya has come a long way, consisting of trial and error.

      It turns out that the girl who is now burning brunette with gorgeous curls, once unsuccessfully experimented with a Perm and had to cut more hair. In this way, the actress recalls the character of Jeanne Friske from the film “Night watch”, as rightly noted by some fans Samburski. “19. Dreadful haircut. Chemo cut” — such a title was made by the star. However, not all who follow her life on social networks, shared emotions Nastasia. Someone her the way seemed very good. “Pretty”, “I like it, I would probably fell in love”, “Beautiful all to-face,” wrote the actress in the comments.

      Настасья Самбурская удивила особыми фото

      And while Samburski was altogether a blonde with very short hair and slicked back hair. According to the actress, this image is one of her most unsuccessful transformations. Largely due to the fact that when Nastasia was too thin. “This trash was. Face thin, because there was nothing to eat, weighed 50 kg,” said the actress. Apparently, hungry times were during her University studies, like most actors. “To Kate from the TV series “Kitchen” similar”, “Normal face, not skinny”, “Blonde you look better, looks gentle,” and “Nastasya in all images of beauty,” “Similar to Russian Nikita”, “I’m a different type of girl right,” not supported star fans.

      Настасья Самбурская удивила особыми фото

      And the last solution with hair, which Samburski shared with fans is the short and perky curls to his shoulders. This time the actress decided to refrain from comments about your appearance, giving subscribers a complete freedom of expression. Some of them decided to make a joke and compared the curly Nastasia with Madame Janette. The majority of fans of the actress very much like this image. “Little Faith”, “predator”, “This right on the photo, shy girl”, “Bunny”, “Very cool hairstyle”, “this is nothing”, “Very cute,” he admired the fans Samburski.

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