Настастья Самбурская показала округлившийся живот The actress sparked the pregnancy rumors. The celebrity posted the photo, which excited the fans. Many followers were skeptical about the provocative picture.

Nastasya Samburski never ceases to amaze his fans. She is constantly experimenting with looks, often changing haircuts, and I January of this year, excited fans a shot of her bald. Photos were processed in a special editor, but it was enough to the followers seriously afraid for the condition of the pet. The actress loves to warm up various rumors about himself and to shock the audience a variety of images and jokes.

Recently, the star of the TV series “Univer” has posted a shocking picture where she clearly supports an impressive tummy. In the geolocation to a photo the actress wrote, “Perinatal center. Kirovograd.”

“Congratulate me, it happened again in one day. Who is the father, as in the past 4 times – do not know” – jokingly signed star photo in his microblog.

Many followers did not realize that a celebrity has decided to joke: “Nastya!”, “Happy. You a easy birth and healthy baby”, “Good, pregnancy really suits you!”, “Congratulations on the completion!”

However, most members appreciated the humor of the artist. They noted that Nastasia just inflated belly or the photo was processed in a special editor. After all, the actress shares the pictures on a Network where shows perfect figure without a hint of possible pregnancy. “The photo is called “came to my grandmother for the weekend”, “You are so funny! How great when such people have a great sense of humor!”, “I love You!”, “Nastasia, love your banter and humor” “Beautiful! I can do it too! And after the holidays can immediately and twins show!” – picked up the joke Nastasia fans.

30-year-old Nastassja Samburski is one of the most popular Actresses of theatre and cinema. She is actively microblog, which has about nine million subscribers. Every day, hundreds of thousands of people liked darling and write a lot of comments. The artist never ceases to stir interest in his person and regularly publishes intriguing pictures.