Настасья Самбурская показала грудь на Ибице The actress shared in his microblog candid picture in a swimsuit with a deep neckline. Fans Nastasya Samburski praised the star’s shape and urged her to lay next picture Topless.

      Star of TV series “Univer” Nastasya Samburski rests with podrugi Natalia Employment on the Spanish island of Ibiza. Actress share images from the trip on Instagram. A furor among subscribers Samburski produced a photo of a girl in swimsuit with open neckline.

      Nastasia is posing in a bikini sitting on the balcony of the apartment where she was staying for a few days. The signed by line from a popular song: “I’m sexy and I know it”. Samburski had previously assumed that such a frame will cause a flurry of comments from users of the social network. For the “Instagram” girls watch more than six million people. “Fire!”, “Some of swimwear created just for the purpose to take pictures From the slit neckline to your eyes”, “Chic”, “Much better to look feminine,” the left compliments the followers Samburski.

      Some users of the social network surprised that lately the actress is not showing photos from his chosen, Belarusian singer Alexander Ivanov, and suggested that the couple broke up. The very star of the TV series has not commented on such rumors. However, many alerted post Samburski, which she placed on his page a few days ago, on a flight from Riga. Reading these lines, members decided that Nastasia started having problems in his personal life.

      “I ran away from you, in the coldest city in darkness again. I run away from you, to better make myself understood. I’m afraid that if there will be, the thy face the sooner forgotten than somewhere far away,” wrote the actress.

      Ibiza Nastasia and Natalia are planning to visit the major parties and clubs, which is known to the island. “Ibiza, here we come! Shivering, sweetie!”, warned Samburski, laying out on the morning of Wednesday selfie with Employment. Users of social networks criticized the shoes nastasi and so angered her that the actress even entered into polemics with the followers, sharply replying to their hateful comments.

      Nastasya Samburski: “I Can hit, but I have a rich vocabulary”

      Samburski admitted in an exclusive interview with “StarHit” that it is difficult approaching people, but Rudova considers his best friend. “Natasha is anybody’s throat, I’ll cut and three o’clock will come running, knowing that I feel bad,” said the actress.

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